Normandy wireframe

By popular demand* here is the Normandy wireframe. Click for 7200 pixel image.

* No actual demand implied.

SSV Normandy SR2 - bigger, better, rebuilt from the ground up.

Just in time for E3 and, hopefully, a Mass Effect announcement.
The model has been rebuilt from scratch over a couple of months. I took some artistic liberties with the details, most notably on the engines, but also on the bridge, which was a bit plain on the original and game models. For the outer hull I took a page from the Galactica book. The panels are raised and set on visible bulkheads. The insides that are visible through the windows are also modelled and lit.
Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.
Take a wireframe
Add surfaces

Apply a bump map

Slap on a coat of paint

Shine a few lights here and there... Voila!

Now with 75% more laser
Bridge and sensor array details

Engine details

Poster layout